Idea to Revenues in 90 Days

Incubator / Co-Founder / Joint-Venture

SF Hello is all about creating profitable businesses. We co-found, joint-venture or create new businesses which cater to the USA or Western Europe.


If you’re needing an extra hand, we’ll be happy to lend one! We will have an active role in your start-up and shape its development as a co-Founder in the venture, thus it will be in both our interests to grow the business!


Once that is covered, SF Hello will accompany your startup all the way into thriving success! We will Generate Revenues and Scale the Company.


We have a rigorous 90-day program to revenue tailored by the most capable and experienced professionals in the area. Having offices and growing up in the San Francisco Area, we’ve seen many start-ups pop and fizzle, e.g. dot com 1.0. We strive for a sustainable business model or a profitable exit. If you have a fairly established idea working but cannot figure out how to become profitable, our 90-day program is exactly what you need. Don’t panic if your start-up can’t seem to get its head above water. It’s a very common issue, and we know exactly how to solve it.

1. Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Founders

We value ideas, and we also know how to drive value. That’s why we love working with start-ups, entrepreneurs and founders. It is really a joy to help people develop their skills and achieve their goals.


In order to achieve this, we are partnered with Topcurve, which is responsible for Application Integration, Marketing Operations and Sales Operations (MOPS / SOPS). Topcurve engineers will work with your engineers as a team.


Assemble an all-star team with these skills:


  • Lead Developers / Full Stack Developers
  • UI / UX Designer
  • Product Manager


Are you a non-technical entrpreneur? Can you sell and hustle like a James Brown?


If you said Yes, I can!, then we can co-found a new venture with you. Your investment capital is required to ensure your commitment to the business.


We’re a full-stack business:


  • Developers
  • UI / UX Designers
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing


It doesn’t matter how far you have to travel, whether you come from another state, another country, or another continent! We will have you set up as soon as you set foot in San Francisco. Even if you come alone! We encourage adventurers who have that uncontrollable urge to leave everything behind and embark on new voyages. So if you’ve got your brilliant idea in mind and you’re already on your way to making it happen, come to SF Hello, there’s simply no better starting place than sharing common rooms with other people who are just as restless and motivated as yourself. You are bound to make friends on the spot, and most probably some very interesting business acquaintances as well.

Sand Hill Road is home to the most successful Venture Capitalists Firms in the world.

Schedule in SF



Have an MVP based on feedback loops



Have 10+ beta companies using product



Generate sales, paying customers

2. Start-Up to Exit Stages

One of the most common mistakes in start-ups is not knowing their Exit Strategy. At SF Hello, we will walk with you hand in hand all the way from the conception of your product or service, to the Exit Stage. We will help you recognize when the time comes and decide upon the best exit strategy, but most importantly, we will help you get there too.

3. Idea Validation – POC / MVP

We know you are full of brilliant ideas. However, sometimes the time is just not ripe to dedicate all your effort into something which might not work out the way you expected.

That’s where SF Hello comes in. We know the market, have the connections and are here to help you validate and test your ideas before we go head on into an adventure together.

We will work shoulder-to-shoulder to determine, first of all, if your dreams have any means to come down to earth. The purpose is to demonstrate real-world applications for your ideas or concepts (POC), and come up with a minimum viable product (MVP). This will allow us to work in a way that the risks are minimized to the smallest possible degree.

3.1 Company Stages

Years of experience have given us deep insight to the whole lifecycle in the start-up. We believe being aware of the current state of development your company is in, is paramount to developing an appropriate strategy and achieving the specific goals of each phase. Our team of experts will stand beside you at every step along the way, and help you determine the best strategy for every situation.

Guidance will be provided all along the road. Most start-ups count with exceptional ideas but are lacking in simple planning and organization. SF Hello will be your perfect guide and partner, we will provide housing and basic services, help you determine a MVP, or any form of consulting you may require, and get moving along the path to revenue. All stages are accounted for and we shall provide the directions to success all along the way.

Engage in our 90-day program for start-ups and see the results for yourself.

3.2 Value Proposition

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key in the effort of making your product or service thrive in the market. SF Hello will guide you in the search of a Value Proposition that is unique and attractive to the market in order to make you competitive. You must first know your strengths before you may exploit them! Once we’ve found it, let us find the perfect niche to settle in by analyzing the competition and the profitability of said niche. We possess a number of tools and resources available to foresee success and pinpointing exactly when and where to penetrate a market, what is the best way to do so, and deliver specific solutions to pre-defined needs.

3.3 Exit Strategy

SF Hello will help you grow and nurture your ideas into full grown businesses, but at some point your company may be thriving on its own and you’re probably already coming up with some new challenge or venture. At some point you may want to plan an Exit Strategy, and we will help you determine the right moment and method to achieve maximum equity retention.

4. Generate Revenues – Step 1

Generating Revenues is of utmost importance, but you don’t need us to tell you that. Where you might need a little help is making it happen!

We are experts in marketing and sales, we know how to set up your sales funnels correctly from day one.

Our partner, Topcurve, will be your marketing and sales department. Their full-stack marketing experts will manage the sales funnel while you focus on the product and engineering.

5. Access to Experts

SF Hello has a vast network of executives in engineering, marketing and sales. We know how to attract the right investors to your idea.

Moreover, you will also be sharing common spaces with people that might be just like you, or also experienced start-up veterans, the perfect environment to get your ideas flourishing. You will have access to a vast network of contacts to help you out in whatever field you may need.

5.1 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

We are partnered up with Topcurve, an expert marketing and sales company which will guide you into the world of business with top of the line technologies and marketing tools. We also have access to experts in other fields, all of them available to you in the pursuit of success!

Focus on developing your ideas, SF Hello will help you sortie any obstacles you may encounter by bringing in the right SME for any situation.


We need to ensure we have can work together and not waste any resources. SF Hello will pay for your lodging, and we’ll drive the company to succeed. This means everyone will be working crazy hours to hit deadlines and goals.

 1. SF Hello Incubator Program
 2. Negotiate terms
 3. How to proceed
 4. More research
 5. Agree on prototype
 6. Develop

 7. Demo to beta customers
in San Francisco



Most of the preparation will be completed in Europe.

We will work insane hours to hit the deadlines


We have the right idea


We know we can succeed together


We agree on the terms of the equity split


We agree on how to manage the company / roles and responsibilities


Have a prototype and start the feedback loops from Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada, Africa, or Middle East.


When your team arrives in SF


Meetings will be prepared


Be ready to demo based on the feedback loops while in Europe



Hackathons are meant to collaborate in small teams and to prototype a product which could go to market, and there is no better place to do so that in a MarTech hackathon. The MarTech technology conference offers the ideal environment to put your ideas to the test and gather enormous amounts of experience. Redefine your knowledge your Marketing and Technology by sharing your experience with the most brilliant innovators out there.

// 1. Make a Team

  • Lead Developer / Full Stack Developer
  • UI / UX Designer
  • Product Manager

// 3. Develop a Prototype in 48 Hours


// 4. Pitch Your Idea

  • TAM – Total Addressable Market
  • Solution
  • Problem
  • Incumbents

// 5. Judges’ Decision

  • Are they passionate?
  • Can they listen to SF Hello?
  • Is the team able to commit to the idea?
  • Can the team get along?

// 6. SF Hello Incubator Program

  • Offer letter
  • Negotiate terms
  • How to proceed
  • More research
  • Agree on prototype
  • Develop
  • Come to San Francisco / Silicon Valley and demo to beta customers


Equity + Service Fees – Negotiable
We ensure: Advising, Introductions, Appointment Setting, Marketing, Sales

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